In the life of the companies and private person nowadays it’s more frequent that critical situation occures, those could endanger the continuance of the economic activities or also the subsistence. This could acutely true in cases about taxes, tax planning,or also answering for complex tax question, or make a hit an enforcement of rights or in criminal situations occured by these. The recognition in time and a professional treatment – on the economic side - could cause minimal competitive advantages and maybe which is more important – considering the human factors it is more safe and also gives us calmness. .

The aim of the law office is to recognise the danger and arrange them to precede the further problems and help the clients. The law office main field is the advocacy before the National Tax and Impost Office (short form: NAV) administration and penalty jurisdiction. Beyond that we represent ourclients with high expertise in corporate finance, trust asset management, competition cases, company law - conversion, coemption - forensic audit and intellectual property protection. We offer the personalized legal service with highest level which guarantee’s that our employees and contracted partners had been working for many years in the authority section of the law enforcement. From our point of view the understanding of the authority proccedings are only possible if someone has been working on the other „side” of the process because during this time they helped to form the authority requirements and the law, they experienced what the authorities are looking for. The importance of professionalism, etics and high standars are everything for us when it comes to operating our firm. We strongly believe that the mutual trust and respect we practice with our colleagues and clients is the ground for a longterm investment, that is leading us to a predictable future and a dynamic development. In conclusion, we do believe, that our principles make both parties satisfied and content.

dr. Roland Szilágyi

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